Ensuring a dignified end for your faithful friend.

The Legacy Way

Legacy Pet Crematorium has been servicing vets for 24 years in Gauteng, KZN, Free State and Mpumalanga, and opened a brand new dedicated pet crematorium in Cape Town on 1 October 2020 . 
Our ethical approach, commitment to a compliant operation and unwavering belief that all pets are family has ensured that no pets have been dumped in a landfill in 24 years, despite increased operating costs.

Dedicated to Ethical Operations

Legacy Pet Crematorium (previously Envirocin) has never disposed of a pet in a landfill. Our services extend to most of Gauteng, Free State, Mpumalanga and KZN. In all these provinces the landfilling of peoples pets is a practice that is viewed as abhorrent by both vets and pet owners alike. Even welfare pets are cremated in Gauteng and KZN. 

Legacy is a dedicated pet crematorium. We own every part of the journey from cradle to grave (this is significant) and we do not mix any other waste with the cremations. Our international research confirms the trend that pets are already an important part of the family and clients therefore expect the same kind of services for their pets as they would their own children. We would never landfill our human children and our experience is that enlightened pet owners would be deeply disturbed if they realised what “burial” really involved.

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Our History

The three founding members met at Stellenbosch University and in their final year began researching the viability of a pet crematorium in Johannesburg. 

One of their family members was working with the JHB city council and had knowledge of their struggles to deal with animal carcasses. This was confirmed with a newspaper article in the local Edenvale news about a distraught pet owner who went to the dump to dispose of his garden refuse and discovered the body of his dog there, euthanased at his vet just a a few days prior.

The research revealed a pressing need for a dedicated pet crematorium where the vets could look their clients in the eye and tell them with absolute certainty that their pet will be adequately taken care of. Vets were offering a “burial option” but given the high regard clients generally have for their pet’s Doctor they seldom questioned what “burial” really meant.

Why choose The Legacy Way

SA's only Dedicated Pet Crematorium
We are a dedicated pet crematorium, which means we do not cremate any human or other waste.
Return of Ashes
Pet ashes are returned to the Vet in a scatter box. Customers can upgrade to one of our attractive casket options on our online store. Visit our online store at www.legacypet.co.za
Our Values
Dignity: As living, integral and much-loved members of your family we treat your pet with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Integrity: Our strong belief in pet families compels us to act with the utmost honesty and conviction in every aspect of our services and business operations.

Compassion: Losing a loved-one is difficult for all involved. We treat your pet and the entire family with compassion as you deal with the grief of losing a pet.
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